13 March 2011

Back on My Foot!

I drew this when I was 3 - it is a picture of my brother David
Two and a half months ago I had foot surgery  - I came out of it with a shorter toe and 6 pins!  I basically sat in the same chair , in the same position for 2 of those months - it was .... well ..... it was.

I read lots and lots of books on an eReader
I watched many movies, many episodes of House Hunters - Unique Eats - all the seasons of Damages 
I learned how to play Plants vs Zombies
I worked on my Cookbooks
I was on Twitter - alot
I finally went thru all my stacks of magazines
I  watched 60 plus sunsets
I celebrated New Years Eve , the Super Bowl , Valentines Day and my 7th anniversary - all in the chair!

I learned that mr. skip likes to cook ( sort of ) ..he makes great wings and meatloaf
I learned that for my dreams to come true I need to put them on the back burner for a bit ... that is OK

and I learned that I really missed cooking...stay tuned...

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