05 November 2010

a girl and no internet - yikes!

I was a  girl without internet access or phone for several days - I will admit to sheer panic when the customer service rep said " we will have to send a tech out -  we have a slot open Thursday" - Thursday - how?, what? - Yikes!  What am I going to do?  So, after taking several deep breaths and realizing that I would survive - I relaxed, enjoyed some good wine,  took in several sunsets from my deck and enjoyed the sounds of the waves crashing as my fat cat  Gordo rolled around the floor teasing his sister Lucy.

I thought I would miss the internet more than I actually did - it was nice to go back to the way it "use " to be , even just for a few days....think I m going to be going with out a little more often. 

ps.  that is the view from living room, dinning room and kitchen  - lucky girl - I know!!

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